Vehicles in Operation (VIO) from Vertical Development: Supercharge Decision-Making for Your Aftermarket Parts Portfolio

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Leveraging the most recent, actionable data on vehicle registrations allows you to make profitable decisions about your parts portfolio. Aftermarket economics dictate that without a solid estimate of demand, you’re left in the dark on which parts to stock and supply.

As the importance of this type of vehicles in operation (VIO) data has increased, so has the challenge of acquiring it and integrating it into your inventory management flow.

In the past, finding the number of vehicles on the road for a particular make and model was rather straightforward using the old Legacy 7-digit code. Now, with new ACES data standards and over 40 fields serving as unique identifiers, determining your missing coverage and acting on it can be complex.

But not for Vertical Development’s clients. Our database and programming teams anticipated these challenges well before they were the talk of the marketplace. They spent years putting together a unique and powerful solution which allows you to easily, and cost-effectively, pull and integrate specific Vehicles in Operation (VIO) reports.

An Introduction to Vertical Development’s New Vehicles in Operation (VIO) Feature Included in Do-It-Yourself Catalog Systems

Our VIO reports leverage the latest statistics from the most trusted industry sources. These reports are capable of providing vehicle registration data and on-the-road intelligence at granular levels, including National coverage down to ZIP Code level.

  • State-level vehicles in operation statistics
  • VIO reports based on vehicle specifications: make, model, year, and even body and engine type
  • On-demand VIO database searches that can be exported seamlessly into your parts inventory management process
  • Timely and reliable vehicle registration statistics from industry powerhouses
    • Experian Automotive’s AutoCount Vehicles in OperationSM database
    • IHS Automotive, driven by Polk

From a Headache to a Money-Maker: Let Vertical Development’s New Feature Do the VIO Heavy-Lifting

For decades, Vertical Development has simplified aftermarket parts data technology for clients to maximize their efficiency and profit. Our vehicles in operation feature is no exception.

From the first interaction with our team, you will be dealing with automotive aftermarket experts who provide white-glove service. No call centers. No gimmicks. And our VIO offerings come with the same backing as all of our products and services: always on-time and on-quoted-cost.

It’s Easy to Learn More or Set Up a Free Demo

If you would like to receive more information about our Vehicles in Operation (VIO) feature or would like to set up a free demonstration of its functionality, contact us today. We look forward to serving you.

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