Parts Data Mapping

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In the aftermarket, your opportunity to grow hinges on the quality of your ACES® and PIES™ data. Save yourself from the stress and frustration that comes from losing sales or having your files rejected by letting our experienced team map your parts data.

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Parts Data Mapping FAQ

My parts aren't showing up for matching applications. Is this a data mapping issue?

While there can be other causes, improper mapping is the most common reason your matching parts are not being displayed for matching applications.

Why are ACES® and PIES™ data so important?

ACES® and PIES™ standards promote interoperability between different systems and platforms. This allows for seamless data exchange between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and other stakeholders in the automotive aftermarket supply chain.

When data is not properly formatted, several issues can occur. First, your trading partners are unlikely to accept your data, resulting in lost sales opportunities. Second, incorrect mapping can lead to customers purchasing the wrong parts. This increases your rate of return.

Can ACES® and PIES™ Data Provide Enhanced Product Visibility?

Yes! By adhering to ACES® and PIES™ standards, your product information can be easily integrated into various electronic catalog systems, making it more visible to potential customers.

This increased visibility can lead to higher sales and market reach.

How do ACES® and PIES™ create time and cost savings?

ACES® and PIES™ data reduces the time and resources required for manual data entry, formatting, and corrections. This efficiency can lead to cost savings throughout the product information management process.

What about AmazonPartsFinder or other retailer files?

Vertical Development is a preferred Amazon submission partner and can help make sure your auto parts data is in the proper ACES® XML format for AmazonPartsFinder. If a trading partner needs a parts data file, we can supply it.

Can you help us to create other standardized files?

Absolutely! While most of our customers are in the automotive aftermarket, we can provide mapping services for any industry where fitment is critical.