Our Experts and Software Are The Parts You’re Missing

With over 30 years of aftermarket experience, our software solutions take the heavy-lifting out of your mapping and catalog efforts while maintaining the highest quality

Founded in 1983, Vertical Development is the market leader in providing software solutions and services to the Automotive Aftermarket. Cutting-edge vCatalog solutions are used daily by companies large and small to manage their ever important product information through our robust PIM system. Designed and developed in the USA, our solutions are engineered to meet the exacting needs of our clients. Vertical Development provides unmatched customer support to assist our clients throughout the lifecycle – from development to installation to ongoing training and improvements.


Working with Vertical Development puts you in touch with a talented team – programmers adept at developing systems to meet your needs; project coordinators who understand your needs because they are seasoned aftermarket professionals; mapping experts with a working knowledge of all the latest industry standards; and a sales and management team that stays involved in your account even after the sale is made.

  • VDI's ability to meet our needs is simply unparalleled in the aftermarket. No other company can provide the same amount of service and flexibility.

    Paul Ankenbrandt Champion Laboratories

A One-Stop Solution for Automotive Aftermarket Catalog and Product Management

Our SBU “Strategic Business Units” have been established to offer our clients a one-stop solution:

Catalog (DIY) enable clients who want a full-service solution. From vCatalog solution our customers maintain a single database that can produce all aftermarket ACES / PIES / NAPA electronic files and print output to meet the exact standards of their trading partners. Our unique private branding allows simple interchanging of parts and eliminates keeping dual database when providing a private brand. Best of all, we always listening and adding new features to our solution. We pride ourselves on offering customer-friendly, flexible solutions.

Catalog (DIFM) includes our experienced team of aftermarket professionals loading your parts, applications and interchanges into our award winning catalog system (vCatalog). You’ll get full access to ACES/PIES files, coverage reports, printer friendly PDF’s and a full range of other reports to help you assess your part coverage.

Mapping Solutions help clients who just want some help getting their data into the Auto Care Association ACES – PIES – PAdb or NAPA PartsPro formats for delivery to their clients.

Data Management is available to clients who may only have an engineering or product staff and needs to outsource their cataloging functions. Clients in this arena typically feed us fitment and product information to develop in vCatalog files for distribution to their clients.

ShowMeTheParts provides seamless integration of data into a robust web catalog clients can deploy on their corporate web or within their clients companies.ShowMeTheParts provides Installers, Jobbers, and Warehouses with instant access to up-to-date parts information. Parts professionals have access to hundreds of brands, covering thousands of product types. Millions of applications are available.