Parts Catalog & Fitment Experts

With over 30 years of aftermarket experience, our software solutions and services take the heavy-lifting out of your mapping and catalog efforts while maintaining the highest quality.

USA Based Development, Sales & Support

Our team is based out of Chicago, IL. With decades of catalog management experience, you’ll be a phone call or email away from having your parts catalog questions or concerns answered.

Automotive Aftermarket & Beyond

While best known for our automotive aftermarket parts catalog & fitment, we’ve collaborated with manufacturers and retailers across a diverse range of industries and scales. This extensive experience equips us to rapidly and effectively address your specific part fitment and catalog requirements.

Fixed Priced Contracts

At Vertical Development, we don’t give you an estimate – we quote you a fixed price. To date, 100% of our projects have been completed on time and within the price quoted.

We’ve Worked With…

With Vertical Development, you can be sure your application data meets the latest standards set by the automotive industry and v-cat suppliers, including:


Vertical Development is a Preferred 3rd party distributor or ACES and PIES data to Amazon.

Auto Care Association

VDI is an active participant of various Auto Care Association segments like ACES & PIES Committee meetings, Leadership Days, ACPN, and more.


Vertical Development will distribute and work with you on data acceptance to Epicor

Automotive Content Professionals Network (ACPN)

We’ve been the primary supplier of catalog systems to ACPN member companies since 1983 and our customers have been recognized with ACPN catalog and data excellence awards.


Vertical Development will distribute and work with you until your data is accepted