Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit – Cracking the Code for Auto Part E-Commerce

UnderCarExperts.com is a brand new e-commerce site by MomentumUSA, Inc., powered by the Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit, a brand new turn-key solution for the aftermarket auto parts industry that seamlessly combines Shopify & ShowMeTheParts data.

In 2022, launching an e-commerce store is pretty straightforward for most industries, but not for the Automotive industry. The complexities of products offered along with the need to create an accurate fitment finder can leave even the best developers scratching their heads. Attempting to crack the code has been expensive and often ends in unfinished or ineffective solutions, frustrating owners and leaders alike. Ultimately, e-commerce often remains on the organization’s to-do list as a result of these headaches and roadblocks.

That was before the Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit. By combining industry-leading ShowMeTheParts cataloging data with the easy to use Shopify platform, AmeriBRAKES was able to launch their new retail site, Under Car Experts, in a few weeks without the headache of having to manage and maintain multiple data sources. As product information is updated through ShowMeTheParts, the Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit will update their site to reflect the latest changes in real time. Everything from product images to descriptions to SKU counts will be powered by existing ShowMeTheParts data. No more outdated listings or support headaches because of outdated data.

Luke Smith, CTO of MomentumUSA, Inc. on the new integration: “I have been asked to stand up multiple year-make-model lookup systems for e-commerce over the last ten years. Some were built from bare metal and some utilized platform-as-a-service. What they all had in common was a heavy ongoing maintenance burden for getting Content (ACES & PIES) updated. Even the “Automotive” e-commerce platforms don’t seem to understand how important it is to ingest AutoCare standards natively. Vertical Development has been ingesting and publishing my Content for years. Plumbing their ShowMeTheParts API service directly into Shopify (a non-automotive mainstream platform-as-service) is a brilliant way to leverage the strengths of both worlds – like chocolate and peanut butter. ”

Undercar Experts has been in the automotive industry for over 70 years. They have always dedicated themselves to offering top of the line customer service, with great products at affordable prices. You can find them at https://undercarexperts.com/

Vertical Development has been managing auto parts data for over 30 years, so they understand the complexities and challenges of presenting and selling auto parts. Quality data is the foundation for success in everything they do. You can find them at https://www.verticaldev.com/

G, C & J Group is the company behind the Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit integration. Focusing exclusively on the ecommerce needs of the automotive market, they understand the complexities of selling online and selling across multiple channels (DTC, eBay, Amazon, etc..) while keeping things simple. You can find reach out for more info at contact@ultimateautopartstoolkit.com