Vertical Development Catalog New Features Series: Alternative Part Numbers

alternative parts numbers

We may be famous today for our massive ShowMeTheParts database, but Vertical Development has been a leader in aftermarket parts catalog publishing for over 30 years, developing mapping and publishing software to fit the needs of a wide range of clients. In this series, we want to highlight some new features we’re bringing to our catalog system. This time, we’re taking a look at alternative part numbers.

There are a lot of variations of parts out there. For brake pads, a company might offer standard, heavy duty and high performance pads. A suspension company may offer rubber and polyurethane versions of a bushing, standard and heavy duty springs, and a variety of shock and strut options built to fit different ride characteristics. Shopped for an oil filter lately? Those come in different ranges, too, offering different levels of filtration to fit a variety of oil change intervals. This range of options means each application may have several compatible variants.

In the past, adding a new variant was the same as adding a new part: each entry had to have its own part number, application data and interchange information. With our alternate parts number system, we’ve streamlined this process. You can create a base part number, say, the standard variant of a part, then link new lines to those base part numbers. Since they have the same compatibility, all the interchange information carries over, greatly simplifying the addition of new variants.

From there, it’s easy to select which product lines you’re including when you publish your ACES catalog. Working with a regular retailer? Add in your standard lines and pick variations as needed for popular applications. Sending catalog information to a performance dealer? You can include just your performance lines. When the catalog is exported, the correct part numbers for the application and variation will be published. That means the final result is the same even though there’s a lot less work on the back end.

If you would like to put this convenient new feature to work for your catalog, call us at (847) 609-9540 or email to get started today!