vCatalog DIFM

vCatalog: Do-It-For-Me (DIFM) Catalog Solutions

Not everyone has the resources to have their own catalog department.

Let Vertical Development’s team of experienced catalog professionals manage the process of keeping your catalog up to date, producing electronic files for your trading partners like Epicor, NAPA and WHi, and producing printed copies of your catalog.

We’ll take whatever catalog information you have and load it into our industry leading vCatalog solution (like we do for all clients) but instead of you installing it on your server we’ll supply you with a missing coverage report based on the ACES Vcdb. Our personalized and fast turnaround will allow you to focus on expanding your coverage and we’ll focus on keeping your catalog information up to date with your partners.

To learn more about how Vertical Development’s DIFM solution can improve your bottom line, contact:

Ron GarandRonald Garand
Vice President