Technology That Keeps You Ahead

Catalog Software for Auto Parts (Aftermarket)

The key to staying ahead of your competition is not just having a better product or price; it’s making sure your product, pricing and technical information are up-to-date and easily accessible by your customers. That takes technology. Complicated, expensive technology and catalog software that only a well-paid computer geek can figure out, right?

Wrong! The technology you need to manage your data, output aftermarket parts catalogs in-house, publish online, and map to industry formats – all from a single source – comes built into the systems and modules from Vertical Development.

Despite their complexity, VDI systems, software, and modules are easy to use.

They offer such features as:

  • Intuitive icons, menu-driven programs and interfaces
  • A smart system for making universal changes to common elements
  • Operation on a single Windows server, workstation or laptop
  • Minimum amount of IT support required
  • Simple and inexpensive SQL license available
  • Pages are output in Adobe Acrobat PDF, a universally accepted standard that enables you to preserve data and images in digital documents
  • No need to understand XML or Microsoft Access

A Cutting-Edge Parts Catalog System That Is Easy to Use