Near Real Time Inventory and Stock Status Updates

near real time

We’ve worked hard to make ShowMeTheParts as easy to use as possible not just for users, but for clients as well. That means quick, easy parts management that allows new parts to be added to the database in days instead of the months required of most parts systems. Now we’re adding a new feature to speed up turn-around times in your business: “near” real time inventory and stock status updates. By automating inventory updates, processing times can be streamlined, and customers can see inventory levels directly from SMTP-based databases while they’re looking for parts.

How does it work? This new feature can be set to download inventory information from an FTP site that is hosted by the client company (DIY) or by us (DIFM.) The update interval time and frequency can be set to match the needs of the company from once each night after closing to multiple times per day. This information is matched up with the SMTP database, and the results are shown as part of the parts information in a column alongside other categories like application notes and quantity of parts needed per vehicle. For the end user, finding a part in stock is as simple as putting in their vehicle information and checking the inventory column to see which compatible options are available. Put that together with other SMTP features like photos, data sheets and 360 images, and the customer can be sure they can get a part that will work for their application.

The first company to use this new feature is SenSen, and for good reason: their primary business is shocks, struts, and complete strut assemblies. Since each shock on a car can be different and each model of car can have several suspension options, they have to keep an inventory on hand that may need to cover dozens of options for a single nameplate. This wide-ranging inventory is spread over a network of warehouse distributors so they can keep up with their customers’ demands. With their old system, inventory information was emailed weekly, and it would take another 24-48 hours for changes in inventory to be entered into their system. That meant buyers had to call and confirm that the parts they wanted were available before they could place an order. With the ShowMeTheParts’ inventory connection in place, the processing time has been eliminated, so customers can check stock as they’re making their order and know that the parts they’re looking at are definitely available. The new inventory feature even helps with upcoming products: SenSen is constantly working on new parts to expand applications, and these new parts numbers can be added ahead of time and marked as being in development, so customers know what will be available in the future.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, distributor or retailer, our new inventory feature can help take the guesswork out of parts orders. With standard and mobile interfaces built around the HTML5 standard, your customers and staff can access ShowMeTheParts from anywhere to find the parts they’re looking for.
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