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Over 58% of Americans own a smartphone and 42% own a tablet. Clearly, it makes sense to have mobile access for consumers, but what you may not realize is that this same level of mobile use carries over to the other side of the parts counter. Aftermarket Business World estimates that a little over half of aftermarket professionals use a mobile device for work.

As time goes on, more and more mechanics and parts people are reaching for their phones and tablets when looking for replacement parts. That’s why Vertical Development created ShowMeThePartsMobile. Now in its second version, this software makes it easy to turn your existing parts catalog into a mobile app or website that makes finding parts easier for customers, employees, and your field sales force.

What is “Mobile Friendly?”
Standard web interfaces are built with computers in mind, which means the user is accessing the site from a device with a large screen, a mouse, a keyboard and an Internet connection with fast, unlimited data. If you try to use one of these sites on a phone, then it becomes rapidly apparent why they aren’t suited to mobile devices. For example, filling out basic search information turns into an arduous task that involves slow load times, constantly zooming in and out to read text and frequent use of an on-screen keyboard.

A well-designed mobile app is built with touch screens and limited Internet access in mind. That means large text that is easy to read, large buttons that are easy to press, and simplified design elements that are fast to load. Long forms are broken into separate pages so that the user can see everything they need on a single screen instead of scrolling and zooming into multiple areas. Put all of that together, and a good mobile site allows users to navigate and find what they need far faster than they would on a regular website.

There’s also one other clear advantage that mobile devices have over computers: they can be brought to the vehicle needing the part.

Consumers and techs alike can make side-by-side comparisons between catalog photos and the part that needs to be replaced without having to remove the part from the vehicle. When a customer brings a vehicle to your store, your employees can enter information as they find it on the vehicle, virtually eliminating the chances of making mistakes.

Is It Difficult to Go Mobile?
It’s probably easier and more economical than you think. ShowMeThePartsMobile is built as a module that integrates easily with Vertical Development’s software, making it simple to create a mobile version of your current ShowMeTheParts-based catalog.

Not using ShowMeTheParts yet? The software also works with catalogs formatted to the Auto Care Association’s ACES format, so we can easily transform your data into a mobile-friendly application.

ShowMeThePartsMobile has the same powerful search tools as our standard database, including features like License Plate and VIN lookups. Participating Aftermarket DIYs, Installers, Jobbers, Repair Shops, and Warehouses now have instant access to the most up-to-date parts information for more than 300 brands covering over 95 million applications. Parts professionals can access these brands which cover more than 4,100 part types and include important information including complete coverage for 1.7 million parts with 4.4 million attributes, 8.7 million interchanges, 18 thousand documents and 2.8 million images.

ShowMeThePartsMobile also has unique features aimed at mobile users including integrated GPS to help customers find their way to the nearest store location to buy a replacement part.

Already have a mobile site? Our software can be adapted to have the same look and feel of your existing site while giving users access to the powerful search tools and information.

Which Devices Does ShowMeThePartsMobile Support?
Mobile apps for both iOS and Android can be built using ShowMeThePartsMobile, and they can be made available to users through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Mobile sites built with our tools are 100% HTML5, so they work in any modern browser, letting users on any platform from Blackberry to Windows Mobile access your parts catalog.

What are you waiting for?
Going mobile makes it even easier for your customers to do business with you and it can help your staff work with them to find the parts they need. Simply put, if your business isn’t mobile-friendly and accessible, then your customers will find one that is.

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