The Part That Makes Us So Agile: Vertical Development Stays on Top of the Latest Technology Including E-Commerce Platforms Like Amazon Parts Finder and eBay Motors

Steadfast Support, Evolving Technology

Since our beginning in 1983, some things haven’t changed. These include Vertical Development’s commitment to customized solutions which meet clients’ needs, our unmatched support, and our ability to evolve with the industry as it evolves.

But much else has changed.

E-commerce took the industry by storm and the popular players online continue to draw new parts buyers and sellers alike. Amazon Parts Finder and eBay Motors are two such examples.

Each platform has its unique benefits and requirements. Just as in the past with other then-emerging tactics and technology, Vertical Development helps aftermarket parts suppliers and sellers adjust and streamline their data to the latest and greatest online platforms. Whether it is a particular type of data export or a type of data integration, we can help.

Tools to Publish to Demand Channels

Data services we offer to support your online parts sales efforts include:

• Amazon Integration
• eBay Motors Integration

data services

Parts data services assist with standards, integrations, and exports

If you are planning on leveraging Amazon Parts Finder, our ACES (Aftermarket Catalog Exchange Standard) XML service will be of interest and you can find more information in our products section. Today eCommerce sites need to “Leverage Digital Marketing to Lap the Competition” using the many tools available to publish information to the Demand Channel’s like Amazon/ eBay Motors /Google/ and others. With ShowMeTheParts and the partnerships they have developed with ChannelAdvisor and Web2Market you can accomplish that. ChannelAdvisor offers a vast array of features which are enhanced with your ShowMeTheParts data, and Web2Market offers robust eCommerce sites and tools that utilize extensions that allow their powerful Magento eCommerce sites to connect to both Amazon and eBay.

An Incremental Sales Boost?

Whether you have explored the benefits of the latest online platforms through which to sell aftermarket parts or not, reach out to Vertical Development today and one of our experienced, friendly team members will be happy to discuss them and how we can assist in your online data mapping needs.

Even if your core sales strategy continues to leverage other channels, integration and increased reach through emerging platforms can be a compliment and opportunity for growth.

Vehicles are sums of their parts. They are composites of various pieces working together to meet a complex set of goals. Why should your data and sales strategy be any different?

Request a demo or consultation today.