ChannelSpyder: Accelerate Sales in the Aftermarket

As you are likely aware, the Auto Parts industry is a few years behind many other industries when it comes to product data the average online parts seller can use to create online listings. So, you have a choice to make… head out to the warehouse with a notepad and camera OR find the right partner who’s already done the work of making Auto Parts data readily available in a usable format.

Stop working harder and start working smarter

ShowMeTheParts and Channel Spyder have partnered together to make Aftermarket content easier than ever to list and manage. Channel Spyder allows you to connect to sales channels such as Ebay, Amazon, and Wal-Mart to your in-house warehouse, drop ship suppliers, and more while ShowMeTheParts gives you easy access to vital fitment information.

A few clicks allow you to manage multiple ordering sites

By utilizing ShowMeTheParts, you can list your inventory easily with access to complete fitment, images, cross references and attributes from hundreds of the leading suppliers in the aftermarket. Once it is in the system, Channel Spyder takes that information, and like the legs of a spider, it sends it out in the correct format to each channel. Have more than one ID on these channels? Not a problem at all, Channel Spyder still manages it all. All fitment will be matched to eBay Id (EBID), giving you more accurate and complete coverage.

Real time updates so you know exactly what is happening with an order

Real time alert ensures the correct part is being sent, the order is going to the right place, and that the order is paid for. Channel Spyder sends alerts for sales, low inventory, potential fraud, and more-all customizable so you can choose which alerts you want! By fulfilling the order quickly and correctly, customers will be more likely to return.

Connect your inventory to more buyers quicker and easier than ever before

Amazon, Wal-Mart, eBay are obviously the biggest e-tailers but there are many more. By being able to be listed on as many as you’d like with a click of a mouse, you will increase your sales and productivity. No more monotonous clicking, calling, and checking! You can tell the orders where to go, when to ship, and more all while receiving real time order alerts. Exportable sales reports and updates are more ways Channel Spyder works hard so you don’t have to!

Your inventory information is out there

Stop doing things the hard way! By joining the partnership of ShowMeTheParts and Channel Spyder, you can free yourself-no more constant clicking, checking, calling, and rechecking. Your inventory is handled seamlessly so orders get out quickly and efficiently, monitor inventory with ease, and increase your sales!

It’s time to accelerate your sales in the Aftermarket with ShowMeTheParts product data!

ChannelSpyder and ShowMeTheParts have partnered to enable ChannelSpyder retailers to feed content for the Aftermarket into ChannelSpyder’s platform to start selling on marketplaces and direct channels.  This partnership provides small to medium sized sellers an affordable solution to grow their channel sales business and increase profits. Now you have access to all the tools top channel sellers use, and more, for a price that your growing parts business can afford.

Online Retailers can also leverage ChannelSpyder’s Fulfillment Network, in addition to their own inventory, to multiply online listings exponentially. All without adding any new staff. ChannelSpyder gives you the tools to easily scale overnight from 40 to 400 orders per day and beyond.

Using ShowMeTheParts data together with ChannelSpyder allows you to download product data provided by ShowMeTheParts and easily map it to physical inventory at a distributor.  Once a product is listed, the physical inventory for that part from all available suppliers can be updated automatically. When the part sells the order is automatically sent to the fulfillment partner ready to be shipped in minutes!  Now all automotive clients can participate in this segment and have unique content to differentiate themselves from other listings that all look and appear the same way.

Whether you pack and ship from your own inventory, drop ship from a nationwide supply network, or both, you now have the tools to scale your business and compete with top-level high-volume sellers.

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The ShowMeTheParts Catalog

ShowMeTheParts core mission is to be the most up-to-date public parts catalog available – with information on over 350+ suppliers and manufacturers of Aftermarket replacement parts covering more than 4,900 part types. With lighting fast turnaround time you can be assured the information you find is the most current available and published the way the supplier intended it.

ShowMeTheParts database features over 1.9 million SKUs, and the 30 million applications include Power Sport, AG, Marine, Med/HD Trucks, along with Cars/Light Trucks from current-1900. It also includes over 10 million cross references, 6.1 million product attributes and over 320 GB of images and exhaust diagrams.  For more information, please visit, eMail or call 847-609-9540.

The ChannelSpyder Advantage

When it comes to selling Auto Parts online, eBay Motors, Amazon, & Walmart account for an estimated 95% of all online marketplace sales. Why not invest in the tools to give you the best chance at a piece of this market? Online retailers of all sizes are recognizing the profit potential of marketplaces and the importance of aligning with the software partners.

ChannelSpyder simplifies selling across marketplaces by automating tedious, day-to-day tasks from inventory management to order fulfillment, allowing online retailers to operate more strategically and sell more across multiple marketplaces.


  • Channel Listing Tools – One platform supporting eBay Motors, Amazon, and Walmart
  • Inventory Automation – Update inventory from multiple suppliers to multiple channels, automatically
  • Channels & eCom Website – Working with multiple sales channels? A Website? Do you have more than one seller ID on eBay & Amazon? ChannelSpyder connects them all with inventory updates and order vending to your suppliers and your in-house inventory
  • Real Time Performance Alerts – Receive alerts via text and email – Problem with an inventory – Order out of stock – Sales price resulting in low estimated profit – Possible Order Fraud – MORE
  • Post Sale Automation – Automate post-sale activities to increase customer satisfaction
  • Real Time Order Reporting – Access to on screen and exportable reports from almost every business angle you can think of
  • Scalability – Worry-free reliability, security and scalability