ShowMeTheParts Revs Up User Experience with 360-Degree Photography

“We wanted to be on the leading edge – deploying hi-resolution 360-degree technology.” said Ronald Garand, Vice President of ShowMeTheParts. “We expect this new feature to provide visitors with a better user experience that increases customer satisfaction – allowing the user to see products from every angle without having to navigate through dozens of images when searching for the right part,” added Garand.

“By providing more visual information, Manufacturers give customers a better understanding of what they’re buying, especially when products have intricate details,” said Paul Scripp, Product Manager for ShowMeTheParts. “360-degree product photography not only gives suppliers the ability to deploy product spins, but also delivers an enhanced visual experience.” added Scripp.

“We want customers to know that they can go to to find visually informative, high-quality, and detailed product photography,” Garand concluded. Want to see 360 Images in action – Go To and check out Airtex- E3542M, ASC WP-9240, or Continental – FP22045S.

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