Fewer Mistakes + Fewer Returns with the New License Plate Lookup Feature on ShowMeTheParts

smtp license plate

Sometimes, the biggest obstacle when finding the right part is correctly identifying the vehicle it’s being used on. A VIN has all the information you need to identify a vehicle’s construction from the manufacturer to the engine, making it easy to narrow down parts to those that will fit correctly. Unfortunately, it’s also 17 digits long and is placed in locations that make it hard to read.

There’s a better chance that the customer will know the vehicle’s make, model, year and engine, but some options may be hard to identify: sometimes there will be multiple automatic or manual transmissions, engines with identical displacements but differing internal components, and even multiple final gear options. This gets even more complicated when automakers make running changes which can mean two vehicles from the same year won’t use the same parts.

Now there’s an easy way to correctly identify a vehicle: the license plate. It’s easy to remember, easy to find, and can provide as much information as the VIN. That means fewer errors and fewer returns on incorrect parts. Vertical Development has added this feature to the ShowMeTheParts database, making its exhaustive list of parts even more useful.

Information about vehicles including the license number, VIN and title information is part of the public record. Normally, this data is used by dealerships to correctly identify parts, or in recall campaigns to assure the correct vehicle is identified every time, but Vertical Development can now gather this information and use it to help techs searching for parts in the ShowMeTheParts database.

Parts companies can add their brands and product lines to the ShowMeTheParts.com database, where end users will have instant access to find them via the new license plate look up feature. In addition, companies using ShowMeTheParts to power their own online catalogs or mobile apps can now take advantage of this new exciting feature.

To take a tour of the new license plate lookup feature and discuss how it can help your brand or company, please give us a call (847) 609-9540.