Do you have a Mobile-App available?


In the past few years more and more companies have Gone-Mobile with a Mobile-App to serve the growing number of customers using both Mobile Phones and Tablets in their Warehouses, Jobber/Retail Stores, Installation Bays, and during a Sales Call – to quickly answer a coverage question or review the latest image, specification, technical document or sales sheet. If your data is already in the Auto Care Association ACES Format you are only a few steps away from being able to deploy an affordable Mobile solution from the leading provider of catalog management solutions to the marketplace.

Have you viewed your Web Catalog from a mobile device lately? Check it out to see the pains your customers go through daily when trying to find your parts in a Mobile Environment by trying it yourself. Or, in just One Minute we can show you a better way to let your customers have a GREAT user experience.

Mobile-Apps have completely changed the landscape of doing business today. With millions of new apps being deployed every day, the future has finally evolved – will your company be part of the revolution?

Some Fun Facts:

  • 6 Seconds – The average person looks at their phone 110 times a day. (Daily Mail, Oct 2013)
  • 7.7 Billion – The number of Mobile Devices estimated to be in circulation. (PennyStockslab, April 2014)
  • 8.4 Billion – Apple’s total mobile e-Commerce sales from 2013 in the U.S. (E-consultancy, Jan 2014)
  • 58% – Mobile has 58 percent of Americans now owning a Smartphone and 42 percent owning a Tablet. (Pew Research, Jan 2014)
  • 30% – Nearly one-third of all eBay purchases worldwide include some sort of interaction from a mobile device. (E-consultancy, Jan 2014)
  • $626 Billion – In 2018 Goldman Sachs estimates that $626 Billion in online sales will come from mobile devices. (The Atlantic, Mar 2014)
  • The volume of Mobile Phones and Tablets is higher than PC’s.
  • The average time spent on Mobile-Apps is growing daily.
  • An increasing number of Smart Phone users use Mobile Devices to make purchasing decisions.
  • Most Business Owners’ use Mobile Devices daily.

Do you have a website? What a dumb question, of course you do. Then why don’t you have a Mobile-App? In today’s Mobile world there will be 21 Billion Mobile-Apps by December and your Competitors could be one of them – if not already one. We are available to walk you through the implementation process step-by-step, just give me a call at 847-609-9540 or eMail me back at