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Improve Aftermarket Product Listings Across All Marketplaces

ChannelAdvisor’s Retail Listings for Online Shops featuring ShowMeTheParts Data

ChannelAdvisor and ShowMeTheParts have partnered to enable ChannelAdvisor retailers to feed content for the aftermarket vertical into ChannelAdvisor’s platform to start selling on marketplaces, like Amazon, eBay Motors, etc., and through direct channels. Now all automotive clients can participate in this segment and have unique content to differentiate themselves from other listings that all look and appear the exact same way.

ChannelAdvisor and ShowMeTheParts are working together to reduce the cost of selling aftermarket brands by providing more accurate content to consumers.

ShowMeTheParts Features:

  • Streamlines the process of loading detailed product data to create listings.
  • Automates the process of updating product data as needed.
  • Offers worry-free reliability, security and scalability.
  • Enables retailer to list far more products than they could if they had to acquire and inventory the parts onsite.
  • Matches as much physical inventory to product data as possible, with inventory management across all marketplaces.
  • Provides advanced reporting, both high-level and product-level, to ensure decisions are performance driven.

Would you like to see what your enhanced product listings would look like? Request more information for your e-tail/retail shop today.


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