Federated Co-operatives Limited Partners with ShowMeTheParts

Federated Co-operatives Limited (FCL) partners with ShowMeTheParts to create a battery finder for its Co-Op retail locations and customers. The tool will be used by store teammembers at the Co-op retail locations who sell Co-op Premium Batteries to assist customers in finding the right battery for their application. 

Ease of use for the customer service representative as well as the customer was important to FCL. “The online look-up tool will make it easier to match the correct battery with a specific application and will allow Co-op to better convey the wide range of available batteries that are part of our product line-up.” said Niels WitbraadMarketing Supervisorfor Federated Co-operatives Limited 

Co-op Home Centres and Argo Centres will be using the look up tool. There will also be a URL for customers, both in-store and online. This gives them the ability to look up battery options on their personal mobile devices without relying on in-store hardware, such as tablets and touch screens, which are prone to failure, disuse, and maintenance complications.  

Having an online look-up tool available for our family of Co-op Premium Batteries will allow our store team members to better serve our customers while also giving those customers the freedom to browse our product line-up and determine which battery is best for their needs. It emphasizes the broad range of available batteries a across wide range of vehicle types and leverages our brand and quality products in an effective manner.” said Witbraad 

For information on how ShowMeTheParts can create a similar solution for your company please contact Sales@VerticalDev.com or 630-724-1159.